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Check out these new kids on the block: Blacknose Valais sheep from Switzerland making themselves known here in Wales and the rest of the UK. I have just been to pick up some freshly shorn fleece from these handsome dudes now residing at Cae Gwyn Farm and Nature Reserve in the heart of Snowdonia.  The transformation from fully clothed to ‘the altogether’ is radical to say the least.  The fleece will be used in my new Blacknose Valais needle felting kit to be launched soon.

Blacknose Valais sheep have shot to fame since they were featured on Countryfile in 2012.  Sue and David who own Cae Gwyn Farm are hoping to increase their flock over the coming years, and what a beautiful place for them to reside, overlooking the Rhinog Range and the Afon Eden.

Cae Gwyn Farm, North Wales

Iona Wool limited edition, single origin, quality yarn.

The sheep graze every corner of our island, clad in their warm winter fleeces. When summer comes they are sheared to enjoy the warmth of the sun. We gather the fleeces, different breeds from different crofts, and sort through them one by one. Working together, feeling with our hands, only the finest fibres are kept and spun together to become Iona Wool.

‘The spirit of Iona captured in fibre’.

Before the wool is spun into yarn it is carded into generic grey slivers, Craftwerk has taken the grey slivers and designed four exclusive needle felting kits for Kate and Michael Gordon who own the Iona Wool company and the Iona Craft Shop; a grey Maukin (Hare), a Mouse, a Teddy called ‘Colm’ and an Iona Grey Seal.

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